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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator, Pink Lady

Monday, March 19, 2012


Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator, Pink Lady


Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator, Pink Lady

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches ; 1.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B0026P3PH2
  • UPC: 810476017729 810476017149
  • Item model number: 714

By : Fleshlight
Price : $46.50
You Save : $23.45 (34%)
Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator, Pink Lady

Product Description

The key to lasting longer in bed and becoming the lover that every girl dreams about is not a cream, not a pill, and not a potion... Its PRACTICE. The Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) masturbation product is a sex toy for men specifically designed to replicate the incredible sensation of sexual intercourse in order to help you find your rhythm and obtain peak sexual performance. With our patented Real Feel Super Skin masturbation sleeve and a specially designed inner canal texture the STU provides the most intense and pleasurable training experience possible. When you masturbate using the Fleshlight STU, not only will you be improving your sexual stamina and techniques, you'll experience the intense orgasms that can only be achieved by using Fleshlight sex toys for men. If you can last 10 minutes in the STU, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone. The Fleshlight Pink Lady STU comes complete with a Black Fleshlight Case.

Product Features

  • Patented Real Feel Superskin material is soft, pliable, and warms to the touch, just like the real thing!
  • Easy to use and clean, with proper care the Fleshlight male sex toy will last a lifetime
  • Safe, non-toxic ; phthalate free
  • Over 2 million sold worldwide
  • Discreet design allows for private storage

Customer Reviews

Lets get something straight first of all. No one - NO ONE, will ever think this is a flashlight. I could break a tree in half and light it on fire at one end and that would more easily pass off as a flashlight.
The cap is just that, a cap; no lens, or even a Wile E. Coyote style drawn on lens. It's foot long, has an 11" circumference, and just in case you might somehow encounter someone who's only ever seen a flashlight in passing, the designers decided to put a giant "FLESHLIGHT" logo on the side.
Let's get back on track though, it's great. The material is soft and stretchy, the texture is smooth and skin-like and the bumps on the inside feel great. It is needy tough - you'll need to use lots of lube, especially if you have a thick penis.
You may think, "oh dude, i can just use water."; I think that's a great way to perform your own circumcision.
Get lube, and it has to be water based as oil will slowly reduce your flesh light into a giant sex toy case filled with pink goop.
Lube gets expensive but there's a trick that involves buying xananth gum (a thickening agent that you can buy on this website for about 10$) and mixing 1/4 teaspoon per 1 cup water. a 6oz bag makes 48 gallons of lube. You should also add either 2 teaspoons of salt or a cap full of rubbing alcohol to prevent bacterial growth.
Speaking of bacteria, you also need to wash your fleshlight out after every use and let it dry for hours outside its case. You also need to soak it in hot water (not boiling) for 10 minutes to heat it up before use, and you might need to take it on a varying number of dates before it puts out depending on how liberal the unit they send you is.
In summery: it great to use, it requires maintenance to rival the most material women on earth, and its massive. Emphasis on the last part; If you share a dorm room or an apartment, you might as well ask them to send you a complimentary "I have a FLESHLIGHT!" T-shirt cause you'll never be able to hide this thing.
Feels good though.

Like most things, one's enjoyment of this product is really going to be based on one's expectations. This was my first sex toy, so I wasn't really sure WHAT to expect. As a result, I had a very pleasant experience.
First impressions upon opening: the sleeve is awesome. It's incredibly soft to the touch and feels very skin-like. It's marketed as being "exactly" like the real thing, but nothing is really exactly like the real thing, so if you're buying this expecting it to feel like human genitals in a tube, you're going to be disappointed. That said, it really is very realistic and fleshy. It's probably about as close as you're going to get to human skin.
The plastic case/tube is a little cheap, but it seems durable enough. I noticed right away that the end-cap fits a little loosely unless you have it screwed all the way on. It might rattle a bit during use, so that can be annoying if you're picky. It comes with an instruction manual for usage and cleaning as well as a small sample of FleshLube which will probably only last about one use, so make sure you buy some lube.
Use: this thing feels amazing. Again, how much you enjoy it will be based on your expectations; if you're hoping for it to be exactly like a vagina, you're going to be disappointed. This is a toy. But it is a very, very awesome toy... I warmed mine before using it and I'm glad, because it felt a lot better than sticking yourself into a cool sleeve. Also make sure you use plenty of lube. Don't skimp on lube; there's not reason to not use enough. The more lube you use, the better it will slip in and out. I'm average sized, and the sleeve was not very tight, but the Stamina Training Unit isn't really marketed for tightness, it's marketed for intense stimulation. And it certainly delivers. Don't get me wrong, it's not loose; it's just snug enough to grip you, but it's not as tight as, say, your hand. I used it with the end cap screwed all the way on and it creates very mild suction, which I loved.
I found the best way to use this is to go slow, slow, slow. Ramming yourself in there and pumping it in and out might feel good, but the slower you go, the more intense this gets. In fact, when I first started using it, I felt myself getting close to the edge and started to slow down to stop myself from going over. However, I quickly realized that as I slowed down, it became more stimulating, so I slowed down more to try and stop myself from finishing too soon, and the slower I went the more I could feel the gentle suction and the texture rubbing past me. I went so slow I could barely get myself out of it without climaxing. It's really incredible. I was skeptical of the claims that this actually builds stamina, and have read reviews of people saying it really isn't that stimulating, but I suspect they're not using it right. If you're really taking your time with this and focusing on how it feels, you'll be amazed at how intense it gets.
As for lube, I really didn't like the FleshLube they provided. It's ok, but it kind of sticky and I found it somewhat difficult to clean. AstroGlide is 100% better because it stays slippery for much, much longer, but rinses out a little easier. Speaking of which...
Cleaning: cleaning is a little annoying, especially if you're used to just rinsing off your hands after a session. It was nice to have a place to contain all the mess afterward, but you've gotta clean it out really thoroughly, and it takes quite a while to dry. It's also important to clean this under a faucet or sink that's deep enough so that you can run the water through it while it's fully straight. I tried washing it in my sink (which is a little too shallow) and it took longer because I kind of had to kink the sleeve to make it fit. Washing it out in your tub is the easiest way to go. Make sure you get it really thoroughly clean Follow the care instructions provided. They recommend using corn starch to powder it after every few uses to maintain the softness, but I haven't had to do that yet. It's really just a preference thing.
I should note that TAKING CARE OF THIS THING IS REALLY IMPORTANT. If you use the wrong lube, or not enough, or don't clean it properly, you're going to ruin it. The sleeve is very pliable, but the texture is delicate. Given what it costs, ruining it is really not a good thing to do. This thing is fairly expensive, so treat it likes it's expensive and it will last you a long time.
Summary: is it worth the money? Hmm. Yeah, I guess. I thoroughly enjoy this product, but I still think it's overpriced, even though I got it on Amazon with free shipping and it only cost me $54 (which is a bargain compared to what they cost on Fleshlight.com). I should point out that immediately after ordering this, I saw on the Fleshlight website that they were offering FREE Stamina Training Units with the purchase of any other fleshlight, so I was kicking myself pretty hard. I probably could have gotten 2 for the price of one. Oh well.
Buy it if you find a deal, because it's great fun to use. But don't pay full price.

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